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Custom IT Service

Custom IT Service

Yes, we do “Alien” AND Windows, Apple IOS, Android, Cisco ISO and, Linux, including desktops, laptops, notebooks, ipads, notepads, routers, switches, servers, blade servers, racks and cages. We sell and service VOIP phone system too. Did we miss anything?

Just Call Us

Just Call Us

Call us on Skype, Google Phone, your IP phone, cell phone, land line phone, your office phone, or internet phone service provider. Any of these will work well for the good old fashion conversation. We would love to have the conversation. Texting works too!

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

Yes, the heavy lifting, we do that too, but not just the physical moves and changes. Disaster recovery planning, IT capacity planning, Security audits and strategies, and all things best practices. We’d love to give you a lift.

Small Business

IT for Small Business,

Focus on Your Business, Not your IT Devices

Growing Companies

Growing Companies,

In the Cloud or In your Office, IT Must Work


and Organizations

The IT Support You Need - All In One Neat Package

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Information Technology Topics and Best Practices

  • AntiSpam & Virus Protection
  • Network & Server Monitoring
  • SharePoint, Hosted Exchange
  • Why Virtual IT

virus-shieldTired of sorting through useless email advertisements or distracting spam messages? Is your current spam filter letting bad emails into your inbox?

Virtual IT’s spam filtering service will guarantee that 99% of all spam email won’t even reach your email server. Our unique filtering service blocks spam on an external server instead of simply placing it in a “junk e-mail” folder.

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Monitor Your Server and Network

Virtual IT Dashboard is network monitoring software that not only lets us see IT problems in real time, it’s also a way to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. It lets us predict service disruptions so we can fix them before they happen.

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MS exchange iconInstead of paying tens of thousands of dollars upfront for expensive servers, software licenses, hiring specialized IT staff to install and maintain the system, and being responsible for a 24×7 infrastructure – we let you focus on your core business.

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Business Computer Support & Boise IT Services

IT Directors Beach Chair | Worry Free ITVirtual IT is a Managed IT Services provider dedicated to keeping our customers’ networks fast, secure and cost effective. We provide top of the line network support for small and medium sized businesses in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley area. Although computers are our primary focus, we are more than simple ‘computer technicians.’ We are business advisors who aim to grow your company by utilizing today’s technology.

Computer Support for One Monthly Price

Does your business have big IT needs, with a small IT budget? As a Boise information technology provider, we have found over and over again that companies face this problem all the time. Therefore, we have worked hard to create an IT Service that will not only keep your network running smooth, but do it at a price that fits easily into your budget. We call it Worry-Free IT.

Decrease IT Costs, Increase Business Productivity

The biggest cost of information technology is the time and productivity lost due to technical problems. When employees are waiting for their computers instead of utilizing them, your business suffers. Our business computer services will decrease your costs in the long run by maintaining your network stability and budgeting for future needs accordingly.


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