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Tired of sorting through useless email advertisements or distracting spam messages?
Is your current spam filter letting bad emails into your inbox?

Spam Email Filter

Virtual IT’s spam filtering service will guarantee that 99% of all spam email won’t even reach your email server. Our unique filtering service blocks spam on an external server instead of simply placing it in a “junk e-mail” folder.

In addition to saving time and disk space, externally blocking spam provides an additional layer of network security that keeps viruses and spyware out of your system. Want to see what email has been blocked? It’s easy to access your quarantine via the web interface.

Virus Protection

Keep you systems secure with our AntiVirus solution. We’ll install our AntiVirus software on all machines connected to prevent outbreaks and stop them from spreading across the network. Furthermore, our monitoring software allows us to ensure that all systems are updated in order to protect you from the latest threats.

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